New feature-shifts.

Automatic calculation of shift work schedules generation of Staffing shifts and ensuring the needs identified for each day of the year.
• El sistema calcula los turnos de trabajo, optimizando el número de empleados necesarios para cubrir las necesidades especificadas.
• Shows days (events), the calculated shift in failure to satisfy the requirements established in terms of needs, usually because of insufficient staff to meet the needs identified in terms of staffing, fixed days of the warrant, the composition of schedules turn, etc.
• You can ask the system to resolve potential incidents allowing more degrees of freedom, such that during the rotation cycle of the shift set (week, month etc.) Can be made different times.
The system incorporates an intelligent tool for the change of days between the school staff.
• The employee selects a working holiday and a change within the same shift, the system locates that shift employees who have changed these days (the working one is a holiday in the other and vice versa), the employee agrees with one of the other partners identified by the system and propose changes to the HR responsible, if he accepts it (single click), the system changes on the respective calendars for each employee.
It also has a tool to cover the absence of an employee, offering employees who can fill those absences without affecting the coverage of services.
• Should a need to fill the vacancy of the employee by another, the system indicates which employees are waging its class that day and therefore can fill those posts, the head of HR and employee selects the regularization scheme in the timing of the employee working that day and adjusts the computation of annual hours worked. Registration and control of absenteeism and the consumption of vacation days and holidays.



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