Soft4Care BI.

Business Intelligence, Operational Intelligence. Monitoring and continuous monitoring of critical process variable and center services.

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge, so as to optimize the process of decision making in business.

Business Intelligence acts as a strategic factor for a company or organization, creating a competitive advantage, which is nothing to provide inside information to respond to the problems of the company: financial control, cost optimization, production planning, analysis of customer profiles, profitability of a particular product, etc.

Soft4Care-BI is TSAD solution for social and health sector and is fully integrated with industry-specific solutions for the Elder Care, Disabled People, Mental Health, Addictions Rehabilitation and Home Care Services.

Soft4Care-BI consists of the following elements:

• Chart Manangement Operative - CMO

Chart Manangement Operative (CMO) is a management tool aimed at monitoring operating variables, ie variables pertaining to specific areas or departments of the company. The frequency of CMO can be daily, weekly or monthly and focuses on indicators that represent the various processes running in the center (clinical, economic, health, human resources, etc.) As its implementation and commissioning is simple and fast. Is divided into the following functional areas

1. Occupation Spaces
2. Economic Control
3. Staff
4. Members Profile
5. Services
6. Quality
7. Measurement, analysis and improvement

• Decision Support System - DSS

System Decision Support (DSS) is a business intelligence tool focused on the analysis of data within an organization.
The main objective of the Decision Support System is unlike other tools such as Balanced Scorecards (BSC) or Executive Information Systems (EIS), exploit the information residing on a corporate database (data warehouse or mart), showing very dynamic reports with great potential for navigation, but always with a friendly graphic interface, colorful and simple. It consists of the following

- Monitoring Processes

The objec of this module is to identify, monitor and measure the results of any process or task that is performed in-house or residential center, the processes can be about people (Welfare, Health, Therapy, Entertainment, etc..) Or on things (maintenance, cleaning, etc..) and based on the same measure its impact on quality of life for users, improvement or deterioration in the quality of services provided by the company and its impact on productivity of the center.
70% of the cost of a residential facility are personnel costs, these costs more than half are direct care staff (they are giving services to residents in the center, professionals, clerks, nurses, etc. ) and ancillary staff (housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen, etc.).
This staff is small and therefore difficult to control with manual procedures as is done now.
The system monitors in real time, which is what every person needs to do and is doing with each resident and thus ensure the best attention to it.
You model the different processes involved in the production process of residential services such as: allocation of tasks (care, nursing and general services) to users of the center or maintenance areas, daily planning of the execution of tasks by employees work that day (link to calculate shifts and incidences of absenteeism) and control of execution of each task.
Once each process modeled mathematically formulated through an algorithm that allows us to process data processing in real time, taking into account all the variables involved.

- Alarms Control

Within the daily decision making is of vital importance that the user can know as soon as possible when a process condition is true or not, so this could pose a hazard which must be corrected immediately or an opportunity that should be exploited. For this, Soft4Care-BI has an alarm module, which lets you set alerts that are triggered as soon as certain conditions are met and that generates a notification by different means, allowing thus the user be aware of the conditions and take advantage of the best.
Las alarmas están estructuradas en áreas funcionales y dentro de cada área en ámbitos de actuación; en cada ámbito están dadas de alta alarmas que afectan a los diferentes procesos que se ejecutan en ese ámbito de actuación; el usuario puede definir qué alarmas va a activar para supervisar los procesos que crea pertinentes y configurar los umbrales de actuación de dicha alarma.

The alarms are structured into functional areas and within each area of policy areas, in each area are discharged alarms that affect different processes running in this sphere of action, the user can define which alarms will be activated for monitor relevant processes that create and configure performance thresholds for the alarm.

Has been created the following functional areas:
1. Task Planning and Control
2. Individual Action Program (IAP)
3. Administrative Management
4. Care Management
5. Quality Management
6. Medical Management



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