New Tools for Planning and Control tasks and activities.

• Planning to
Center activities This option includes the schedule of activities at the site within 24 hours the day, any day of the year indicates which activities are being at all times, which residents participate in each activity and what professionals are responsible for these residents.
It provides for the modification of programming, in real time, depending on the absence, planned or not, professionals and residents.
You can check the schedule of activities for a professional (which has to do that day and how residents) or to a resident (which activities will to make that day and how professional)
• Assistant Planning
This option allows the planning of tasks to be performed by staff direct care (carers, nurses, etc.). as well as ancillary staff (cleaning, maintenance, etc..)
Based on the global burden of tasks to be performed during a given period the system calculates and displays the No resources required, by staff category, to perform these tasks.
Plans, for the period concerned, the tasks to be performed by each employee, each day of that period, taking into account issues such as:

  o Tasks requiring more than one person for execution. You can define more than one person to carry out a task and the system has into account in planning the tasks of each.

  o Tool for changing between auxiliary tasks. Tool for resolution of incidents, a problem is a scheduled task that is not can perform, the system provides basic response strategies to assign if any staff available to charge or offer the possibility to change low-priority tasks for others of higher priority.

  o Delay tasks. Tool to resolve delays alarms tasks, on each alarm system checks the currently available resources (not running a task, or are correturnos type) and the sample is responsible; it chooses the / relevant resources and assigns, on time, delayed the task.



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