New Feature Quality Management.

Manage all aspects of quality of services provided by the Center.

• Model quality:
Collect all the aspects that provides quality model of the center; provides four areas:
1. Strategy
2. Organization
3. Operational Area
4. Measurement and improvement
In the strategic area includes topics such as: organizational model portfolio services, strategic plans, quality plans, etc..
In the area of organization: Organizational structure, occupational risk prevention, HR, etc.
In the operational area: Processes. Action protocols, regulations, etc.
In measurement and improvement: measuring stakeholder satisfaction, internal evaluation and external model, learning and continuous improvement, quality assessment service and its processes, and so on.
• Incidents
Any incident occurring on a daily basis reflected in the center an event log, this log is viewed by an official who determines if the incident is an occurrence, a non-conformance, complaint, etc.
• Incidents
An incident is an event that has to be an answer. Once identified the event (may be medical, care, administrative, etc.). this is reported by the person who has "known" to the corresponding area, the responsible area indicates the measures implemented to resolve the incident; The system controls the process of resolving your issue.
• Non-conformity
A nonconformity is the breach of a condition specified in a rule, protocol, etc..
It describes, identifies and encodes the non-conformity, is analyzed and depending on the cause that produced it are proposed corrective actions and / or preventive and is followed up these actions.
• Indicators
Define and manage indicators that will allow measuring the quality of services provided by the center.



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