About us

TSAD (Tecnologíes, Services and Dependence Aids) is a company , of tecnological background, which operates in the sector of Information Tecnologies with  a clearly oriented vocation towards the development and supply of solutions for the dependence sector so that, by their means, the improvement of the quality of life of dependent people may be pursued and accomplished.

Dependent people´s care is structured basically, upon private care homes for the elderly or disabled , promoted or managed by associations of the affected ones or their relatives or by companies, or else, there exist public care homes, promoted by the different administrations and progesively managed, by privately- owned care companies.

In both cases, there is a clear lack of management tools (such as; ERP,CRM), above all in the most technical areas such as the therapeutical intervention, or the medical or psychological fields.

On the other side  IT infrastructures, in such centres, are quite deficient, and the technological culture of its use  by the management and technical teams  is very basic, thus making it quite difficult to incorporate them  by themselves, and bringing about the need for external firms catering for this services.

Because of these reasons TSAD has set forth as its mission: To develop and commercialize products and services focused on people in situation of dependence,  or entities that take care of them, seeking the integration between the economic goal, common to any firm, and the social aspiration  of pursuing a substantial improvement of the psycho-physical development and quality of life of such people.

Our work focus is the person in situation of dependence and , therefore, we endeavour by means of our solutions, and embrace the follwing goals:

  • Equality of people in situation of dependencein realation with the normalised population in such way that their maximum social inclusion may be achieved.
  • Personal Autonomy, based on providing the necessary aids.
  • Self-determination of the person to decide, by him/herself , or his/her closest environment, his/her future project of life...

TSAD´s  objective is to bring about, by means of its  products and services, the improvement in the quality of life on people in situation of dependence; in order to do that it is necessary to operate and work in other areas, apart from information technology, such as methodologies of intervention and quality systems.

We have signed cooperation  agreements with various institutions related with the world of “Dependence” with the aim of developing and implementing, within our management IT systems, contents and intervention procedures and policies such as PCP (Person Centered Planning), development of quality indicators, knowledge management , etc

University  La Salle in Madrid:

  • Participation in the new Technological Cluster of La Salle in Aravaca (Madrid) aimed at developing  Tecnologies for the People, in the field of  Dependence.
  • Participation in the development and set out of the UPAP (University for the Promotion of Personal Autonomy).

C\Chile, 10, Oficina 11, 28290 - Las Rozas. Madrid ( España)

     TSAD involved in the project BizSpark technology companies.